About this Blog

Author This Blog is dedicated to my experiences in the field of IT Architecture. Some of the content is very specific, some of it more general.

It is my aim to provide content with value. Value in a practical sense, based on my experiences. By that, I mean content that is not too superficial, and can be put to use easily.

I strongly believe in the necessity of an alignment between business objectives and IT Architecture. It is the primary aspect that primarily drives my approach to the construction of Software Architectures.

I am a Senior IT Architect working for a large, global IT company. My interests include Software Development, Software Development Processes, IT Consulting, Effort Estimating and Application Development Effectiveness.

In my day to day job I work as Consultant and Lead Architect on large Software Development and Integration engagements. In addition, I am working as Subject Matter Expert in the areas of my interests, creating and reviewing effort estimates, guiding and reviewing projects, and others.

Important to say is that the views on this blog are my own, and not necessarily those of my employer.