Experienced developers don’t need testing

I wanted share this, as it is another bit on the importance of testing. Roughly two weeks ago I made a real rooky-mistake… Roughly two weeks ago I made a real rooky-mistake. We had a defect in a piece of software we had developed. From the offset, it was clear to me what the reason was. I knew exactly what I needed to change. And – what joy! – I even knew the bit of code I was going to change inside out. Good. I decided to go ahead and change it. Even though I knew the code line by line, I took time to review the code. I thought through it, and made sure the change is going to work. I didn’t feel tests were necessary, because it was kind of a trivial change. Cool. It worked. Until yesterday. We hit one scenario where it didn’t work. It was of medium severity – not really bad, but bad enough. When it comes to writing code I am a perfectionist. So it really bothered me, and I thought about it. It – once again – underlined how important testing is. Would I have sat down, and just created additional test scenarios for what we wanted to accomplish, I would have found what’s wrong with it. It wouldn’t have been an entirely obvious scenario, but I know I would have created a test because I was aware of the business scenario behind it. It was just too complex to be able to consider it all by just looking at the code only. M Copyright © 2012 Michael Pichler


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