Time-Management for Architects

Who doesn’t need it: Time (to view the German version of this blog please follow this link). Finally, I found some time again to write another post. Some time (here it is again; this word) ago I had an opportunity to listen to a talk about time-management; presented by a colleague.

He is one of those well known technical colleagues, who – we simple technical folks – seldom see or get the opportunity to listen or talk to. I expected him to talk about something technical. Something awesome, or thrilling, or brand-new, or even something covering all of it.

It was about something different… He talked about time-management. More specifically, about is personal strategy, what helped and what did not help him. Did you ever lead a development team with 10 developers? Yes? With 20? Still yes? Did you do it with 50? Can you imagine how it is like to lead one of 500?

Well. As you can imagine, the daily e-mail flood, is more like an e-mail tsunami. Meetings. One after the other. From morning till evening, was more often the rule than an exception. Simply put: It was a challenge.


We all know this as well. And in between, we try to squash in the one or other piece of work. Worse. We even squeeze the air out of our work in our – vain – attempts to keep everything in balance.

Even for us Architects it is important to be present. Not just the project managers. To demonstrate leadership. In small as well as large teams. There is no difference. We can not lead projects from a technical and content perspective, if we spend most of our time chasing ourselves. Right?


That’s why it is important to make time. Make time to be able to focus on the important things. My colleague took the time to think about his approach. Time, to look for and also find help.

In his case it was a good book: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. I can warmly recommend it just as well. As much as he did.

It describes a simple, but very effective (hence, in the end a more efficient) approach to getting things done. Simple principles that help to keep our minds free of clutter, and – in turn – make room for the important things. Be it now for our private lives or our jobs.

Not everyone needs it, and not everyone needs all of it. I understand. Some of us are naturally very well-organized.


Indeed. I was inspired. It was a great talk, on something awesome, AND thrilling, AND brand-new.

Have a good evening!



PS: For all of you who go for smart phones. I found a really neat App which goes by the name of “Toodledo”. As the name suggests, it helps with managing TODOs. There is one for most tastes. Doesn’t matter if you prefer apples or androids.

I have been using it for some time now, and I am still enthusiastic about it. Actually, it is the first app of that kind I have been using for more than 2 days (seriously!).

It won me over by it’s simplicity, ease of use, and yet, flexibility. It has some really handy features, which sincerely turn this – as we remember it – torturous and difficult activity into something that actually helps us staying organized.

Copyright © 2010-2012 Michael Pichler


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