@ita_vienna Gave talk about Scalability at JSUG.AT

Hi there,

This past Monday I gave a talk at the Java Student User Group Austria (jsug.at). I seldom had such a lively, enthusiastic, interested and curious crowd as an audience. In was fantastic! I covered 6 topics that are a must-be-considered before you start development. There are more, but I picked those that seemed most important for me:
  • Build scalability into your design – it allows you to start small and adapt as load grows
  • Short transactions keep a system scalable – think if strategies to keep your transactions short
  • Asynchronous processing – keep threads short, and prevent peaks that paralyze your system
  • Establish caching as pattern early in the project
  • Pay attention to your data access, e.g. avoid chatty transactions, query tuning, query optimization, etc.
  • It’s never just the software alone, i.e. take a holistic view at scalability

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