Kicked off Community for IT Architects in Vienna, Austria (IT Architecture Circle Vienna) – Feel free to join!

A colleague of mine – Gottfried Luef – and I Michael Pichler – kicked off a Community for IT Architects in Vienna, Austria this past week. The community’s name is “IT Architecture Circle Vienna“. The preparation took most of my time over the past few months, which is why I didn’t post here. It was a great success! We managed to have 30 attendees with this first event.

Our topic for this first meeting was Cloud Computing. We picked it as we didn’t know exactly who would attend, and what the attendees might be interested in. Generally our speaker gave

  1. an introduction to cloud computing, described
  2. how you can find out whether or not cloud is of interest to you, and
  3. gave a few show-cases.

You can download the slides from the community blog (see below).
Our focus will be subjects for IT Architects. We are planning to meet on a regular basis and talk about subjects that are of interest to the community. Anything will be of interest, be it now subjects for Enterprise Architects of subjects for Software Architects.

Our Blog is at: . Our Twitter channel is @ita_vienna . We are planning on posting on a regular basis.

Feel free to join us if you happen to live in Vienna, and are interested in IT Architecture. We are going to post relevant information to the blog as well as the twitter channel.



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