Half a year into blogging on Information Technology – Reflecting on the value of…

I wanted to spend some time reflecting on the past six months of blogging on Software Architecture and Design. I started my blog because I wanted to share some of the things I have learned. Quite frankly, a lot of things surprised me with blogging. On one hand I imagined it to be more difficult to develop content that draws. On the other hand I imagined it to be easier…

Providing a forum on Software Architecture and Design has been one of my ideas for quite some time. In contrast to other blogs, I wanted to stay more concrete. I wanted to avoid gliding off into too theoretical or opinion-based texts. I just never set out to realize it. That blogging is a good medium is something I have figured out after doing research on possible technologies available.

Selecting the right Medium

Eventually I ended up with WordPress. My main reasons for doing so were that WordPress provides a lot of features around creating a good appearance for a blog, such as menus and pages. And I have not been disappointed to this day.

Selecting a medium, however, depends a lot on your own requirements. Consequently, there is no patent answer.

Determining the Subject

While I have been clear on the subject I wanted to write about, I discovered soon that I needed to make the subject as narrow as possible in order to be able to provide a clear message.

Starting Out

After having selected the right media I started out right away. Full of energy. Writing and writing. Trying to put a lot of thought into what I was writing. Trying to be detailed but still write from a practical point of view.

Being Surprised

I have to admit, it did take me a by surprise that even though I put a lot of effort into producing quality content it didn’t get read as much as I wanted it to get read. Initially I wasn’t sure whether it was due to the short time my blog had been around or whether it was due to providing the wrong content.

Realized I needed to change what and how I was writing

By studying how readers arrive on my blog and what is being read, I realized that I needed to change my content. Surprisingly enough, short and brief articles were read more frequently than others.

What I found out is that lengthy, detailed articles – even though they may be about something interesting – are not something that is of a lot of interest.

Readers seem to want content that can be digested quickly in a quick moving world. Something, that is of very practical use and provides the most important aspects at a quick glance.

As it seems, readers will still turn to text-books if they really are interested in more details and quality information. The Internet – i.e. also Blogs – are used to find and use short but valuable nuggets of knowledge.

My current perception of the value of Blogging

By now I have some quite successful blog entries – in terms of the number of readers. I have been writing – and am still writing – enthusiastically.

Reflecting what I am doing here in a self-critical manner, I have been thinking about the value of blogging. I have come to realize that blogging needs to provide value; talk about something we can learn something from. Something, that is interesting and – to some degree – a novel application of knowledge. It is of not much value to repeat information that can already be found out there.

This is what I want to focus my future blogging energy on. I am curious as to where it will take me…

Copyright © 2010 Michael Pichler


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