Experienced developers don’t need testing

I wanted share this, as it is another bit on the importance of testing. Roughly two weeks ago I made a real rooky-mistake… Continue reading “Experienced developers don’t need testing”


Stop patching – start solving…

This is a pattern I have observed frequently in software development. Let’s call it “patching vs. solving”. I am sure it occurs in other areas of engineering as well. I have observed it in all cycles that involve correcting problems in software. Patching – as I interpret it – fixes the … Continue reading “Stop patching – start solving…”

Spoke on “Scalability for software-intensive Systems” at W-JAX 2012

W-JAX 2012 SpeakerbuttonThis past week I spoke on scalability for software-intensive systems at the conference W-JAX 2012 in Munich (http://jax.de).

It was clear to me that I am at an event for truly technical people as soon as I entered the venue: the attendees wore T-Shirts, the discussion topics, the presentations given, etc. In one word: cool!

What struck my positively as well is that the audience was very attentive (even though it was right after lunch time). There were plenty of questions and interest expressed. It was clearly fun!

Thanks for the opportunity. I truly enjoyed it! You can download the slides here: Download slides for W-JAX 2012 presentation – Building Scalable Software Systems.


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Time-Management for Architects

Who doesn’t need it: Time (to view the German version of this blog please follow this link). Finally, I found some time again to write another post. Some time (here it is again; this word) ago I had an opportunity to listen to a talk about time-management; presented by a colleague.

He is one of those well known technical colleagues, who – we simple technical folks – seldom see or get the opportunity to listen or talk to. I expected him to talk about something technical. Something awesome, or thrilling, or brand-new, or even something covering all of it.

It was about something different… Continue reading “Time-Management for Architects”

@ita_vienna Gave talk about Scalability at JSUG.AT

Hi there,

This past Monday I gave a talk at the Java Student User Group Austria (jsug.at). I seldom had such a lively, enthusiastic, interested and curious crowd as an audience. In was fantastic! I covered 6 topics that are a must-be-considered before you start development. There are more, but I picked those that seemed most important for me:
  • Build scalability into your design – it allows you to start small and adapt as load grows
  • Short transactions keep a system scalable – think if strategies to keep your transactions short
  • Asynchronous processing – keep threads short, and prevent peaks that paralyze your system
  • Establish caching as pattern early in the project
  • Pay attention to your data access, e.g. avoid chatty transactions, query tuning, query optimization, etc.
  • It’s never just the software alone, i.e. take a holistic view at scalability

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@ita_vienna Very impressive Demo on Automization in the Cloud that shows what we talked about yesterday

This fits well to what we talked about in our first IT Architecture Circle meeting. We have heard about automation and industrialization, by way of (also internal) standardization. This demo shows how we can imagine what the yesterday presented concept looks like (and a possible glimpse at the future of computing…).

Click here to view video

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Kicked off Community for IT Architects in Vienna, Austria (IT Architecture Circle Vienna) – Feel free to join!

A colleague of mine – Gottfried Luef – and I Michael Pichler – kicked off a Community for IT Architects in Vienna, Austria this past week. The community’s name is “IT Architecture Circle Vienna“. The preparation took most of my time over the past few months, which is why I didn’t post here. It was a great success! We managed to have 30 attendees with this first event.

Our topic for this first meeting was Cloud Computing. We picked it as we didn’t know exactly who would attend, and what the attendees might be interested in. Generally our speaker gave

  1. an introduction to cloud computing, described
  2. how you can find out whether or not cloud is of interest to you, and
  3. gave a few show-cases.

You can download the slides from the community blog (see below).
Our focus will be subjects for IT Architects. We are planning to meet on a regular basis and talk about subjects that are of interest to the community. Anything will be of interest, be it now subjects for Enterprise Architects of subjects for Software Architects.

Our Blog is at: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/itavienna/?lang=en . Our Twitter channel is @ita_vienna . We are planning on posting on a regular basis.

Feel free to join us if you happen to live in Vienna, and are interested in IT Architecture. We are going to post relevant information to the blog as well as the twitter channel.